Write degree symbol and how we use degree celsius to check fever?

Writing a degree symbol in Word is very simple


When typing, sometimes it becomes necessary to type the degree of a number. But, there are no such characters on the keyboard, so this task baffles many users. If you also faced a similar problem, then this article should help you. Learn how to write degree on the keyboard here.

If you use only the keyboard, then you can write only the second and third degrees, that is, raise a number to a square or cube. To do this, use the key combinations Alt + 0178 (square) and Alt + 0179 (cube).

These key combinations are very easy to use. You need to switch to the English keyboard layout, hold down the Alt key and hold it down and type 0178 or 0179 on the numeric keypad.

The keyboard shortcuts Alt + 0178 and Alt + 0179 work in most text editors, including all versions of Word and the regular Notepad.

Writing a degree symbol in Word is very simple

Degree in a text editor Word

If you work in a text editor Word and you need to write the degree of a number, then the easiest way is to use a special button called “Superscript”. In modern versions of Word (for example, Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016), this button is on the Home tab. Highlight the sign that should become the power of the number and click on this button.

This will give you a number and a degree. It should be noted that not only numbers, but also letters can be used as a degree.

If you are using old versions of the Word text editor, for example, Word 2003, then in order to make a degree you need to select a number, right-click on it and select “Font”

As a result, the “Font” window will appear. Here you need to enable the superscript font and save the settings by clicking on the “Ok” button.


Insert a degree symbol using the PowerPoint ribbon

Insert a power symbol using a keyboard shortcut

You won’t find ° (degree symbol) on your keyboard. Insert a degree symbol into Microsoft PowerPoint in two ways, both of which are detailed below.

Insert a degree symbol using the PowerPoint ribbon

Select the text box on the slide where you want to place the degree symbol.

In the Insert tab, select Callout. In some versions of PowerPoint, this option appears on the right side of the menu.

In the window that opens, make sure (Plain Text) is selected in the Font: menu, and Superscripts and Signatures is selected in another menu.

At the bottom of this window, next to from, select ASCII (decimal) .

Scroll through the list until you find the degree sign.

Select Paste at the bottom.

Click Close to exit the Legend dialog box and return to the PowerPoint document.

PowerPoint probably won’t offer any confirmation that you have completed Step 6. After clicking Insert , if you want to make sure that the degree mark is actually inserted, just open the dialog box or close it to check.

Insert a power symbol using a keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcuts are more efficient, especially when inserting characters like this one, where you have to scroll through dozens of other characters to find the correct one.

In fact, this method works no matter where you are, including email, web browser, etc.

Use a standard keyboard to enter the degree symbol

Pick exactly where you want the degree mark to go.

Use the key combination with the degree symbol to insert the symbol: Alt + 0176 . In other words, hold Alt and then use the keyboard to enter 0176. After entering numbers, you can press the Alt key to see the degree symbol. If this step doesn’t work, make sure the keyboard on your keyboard is not Num Lock enabled (that is, disable Num Lock). If enabled, the keyboard will not accept numeric inputs. You cannot insert a degree symbol using the top row of numbers.


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