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Mesothelioma Mainly Affects The Pleura

Mesothelioma Mainly Affects The Pleura or Lung Membrane

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Mesothelioma has a very poor prognosis to date. The outcome of very extensive operations is nothing short of disappointing and operations are therefore very rare. Mesothelioma mainly affects the pleura or lung membrane, which is almost always accompanied by the formation of fluid behind the lung (pleural fluid). Getting the diagnosis of mesothelioma is difficult. We are not ….  Read More


Treatment of mesothelioma Through drug Therapy

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Targeted drug therapy uses drugs that attack specific abnormalities in cancer cells, but such therapies have not yet been sufficiently investigated. In general, cancer occurs because of a series of genetic mutations that occur within the cell, causing cell growth and uncontrolled reproduction. It is unclear what causes the initial genetic mutations that lead to mesothelioma, ….  Read More