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Mesothelioma Mainly Affects The Pleura

Mesothelioma Mainly Affects The Pleura or Lung Membrane

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Mesothelioma has a very poor prognosis to date. The outcome of very extensive operations is nothing short of disappointing and operations are therefore very rare. Mesothelioma mainly affects the pleura or lung membrane, which is almost always accompanied by the formation of fluid behind the lung (pleural fluid). Getting the diagnosis of mesothelioma is difficult. We are not ….  Read More mesothelioma cancer best info mesothelioma cancer ...

Benign mesothelioma, Pleural mesothelioma and Peritoneal

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Rare, non-cancerous forms of mesothelioma. The causes of this neoplasm are not well defined, but doctors have been very successful in treating it. In contrast to the malignant form of mesothelioma, which is mainly related to asbestos and the consequences of its use and production, the benign form also occurs for other reasons. Malignant mesothelioma occurs after ….  Read More


Risk Factors That Can Cause an Increase Cancer 2020 –

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The cause of cancer is not always clear or unambiguous. There are, however, known factors that increase the risk of getting cancer. Specific information about risk factors of certain cancer can be found in the information files. To do this, go to the file for a specific tumor type and the article on risk factors. Risk factors ….  Read More