Who are affected by the cancer of mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma can affect patients regardless of race, age or sex. However, some features present in the patients are a little more common than others.

The majority of patients affected by cancer of mesothelioma are patients of white men, 65 years and older. Women, children and people who are identified as african american or hispanic, are affected to a much lesser degree compared to those listed above.

A little less than 3,000 people are affected annually in the united States and that number has remained steady over the past few years. Research has shown that many fewer people are going to be affected by the cancer of mesothelioma after the year 2055.


How do you know if you have been affected?

The majority of patients affected by cancer of mesothelioma do not realize they have the disease until the time they are diagnosed. Symptoms range from chest pain to cough, as well as:

Difficulty Breathing
Reduction of the Expansion of the Chest
Abdominal Pain
Affected patients may come to think that they have a common disease at the beginning. Normally, it is necessary a medical history, a physical examination and various types of advanced diagnostics to know if the patient is affected by the disease.