What to do in case of being diagnosed with mesothelioma?

If you have mesothelioma, you can find a little more tired than normal after any type of physical exertion. Probably you can feel no air on a frequent basis and in addition feel the need to take breaks more than normal. In addition, it is normal for the weight loss and depending on how serious the symptoms of the disease may have the need to go to a doctor to get medication to relieve the pain, oxygen tanks, or some other type of assistance.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you will need to speak with a doctor to discuss your treatment options as quickly as possible. (If your doctor is not familiar with the most appropriate treatment for this disease, you may have the need to travel to be treated with an expert in the field.)

The treatment plan must be developed quickly after the initial diagnosis, and depending on the stage at which the disease is, you may have the option of choosing between potentially options curative or palliative treatments to alleviate the pain.

Surgery healing – these include the pleurectomy/ decortication and the pneumonectomía extra-pleural.
Chemotherapy healing uses drugs that attempt to eliminate the cell cancer. The use of drugs in the process of chemotherapy, which include the cistoplánico, carboplatin, and the doxorrubina.
The radiation therapy curative uses beams of radiation to kill cancer cells.
Palliative surgery can remove the tumors of the body with the intention of reducing the pains, or a surgeon may remove the fluid accumulated in the internal cavities.
The oxygen therapy is palliative and respiratory therapy can help the patient to breathe more easily.
Alternative therapies such as special diets, nutritional supplements, yoga and acupuncture can be a form of palliative care (these help to relieve the symptoms naturally), or they can help the body recover in a natural way.
Multimodal therapy – is a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery healing. It is the preferred method for patients who can adhere to a regime of aggressive to treat the disease. Studies by doctors experts in the field have found that multimodal therapy increases the life expectancy by five years by 45 per cent.
In addition, the mesothelioma patients can join clinical trials in mesothelioma. By the fact that it still has not found a specific treatment to defeat the disease, experts in the field are always looking for and testing new techniques to try to find a cure. Currently, the experimental therapies that are being tested are the virus used to combat the measles and Pentostatin.